Robin Terry Foundation, Inc


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How to help

The Robin Terry Foundation is a 501(c)(3)-tax-exempt nonprofit organization. You can help us have a greater impact in our community by donating your time and/or financial gift today. 

Education Empowerment Program

The Illustrious Adolescent Mother Education Empowerment Program is designed to empower young parents. Young mothers who complete our program will have bonded with their child(ren), delayed subsequent pregnancies, and will have graduated from high school and earned a college degree.

The Divine Closet

The Divine Closet is our way of meeting the needs of young mothers and their babies through donations of clothing, diapers, and other supplies necessary for proper care. 

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Latest project

With every purchase of our founder's book, Resilient: My Story, God's Glory, the Robin Terry Foundation, Inc will receive 5% of the profits. Thank you for your support by purchasing your copy today!