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Pregnant as a teen, Dr. Robin Terry, was faced with despair and rejection. She had dreams of becoming a doctor, but she just didn’t see how she would be able to fulfill that dream with a child at such a young age. She was so discouraged by the current situation that she wanted to give up. Her mother, however, was her advocate. Her mother gave her the encouragement and the push that she needed to survive and to graduate from high school with honors. While in high school, Robin knew without a doubt that she had to receive a college education in order to care for her daughter. She refused to live in poverty, and she aspired to provide her child with a quality of life that exceeded statistical stereotypes.

Robin was accepted into several universities, but she chose to attend Mississippi University for Women. During her freshman year of college, she decided to attend pharmacy school. The road to higher education was not easy, as Robin faced difficulty and opposition. Robin could have chosen to abandon her plans towards success, but she chose to persevere, encourage herself, and push forward. After graduating from college, Robin was accepted into pharmacy school at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Was pharmacy school easy? Of course not! Did she face obstacles yet again? Yes, she did! Despite all that was against her, Robin graduated from pharmacy school in 2009 with her Doctor of Pharmacy degree.

Robin emerged from teen motherhood as an advocate and leader. Robin desires to see every teen mother succeed in life and to exceed the expectations that society has set before them.  Robin knows that life’s circumstances are not always perfect, but whatever we put our hearts to, we are able to bring them to fruition. Robin’s passion in life is to help others. She chose to become a healthcare provider because she desires to see people well. She chose to start the Robin Terry Foundation, Inc. to become an advocate for teen mothers who need help. She will help them charter unknown territory, encourage them, and give them the resources they need to become the best in this life they can be for themselves and for their child(ren).

To read more about Robin’s story, purchase her book Resilient: My Story, God’s Glory, currently available at your favorite book retailer!

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