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The Robin Terry Foundation, Inc., Inc is a nonprofit organization dedicated to mentoring teenage mothers. Through this organization, we hope to decrease teen pregnancy rates and break the cycle of poverty by encouraging teen mothers to avoid multiple pregnancies and pursue higher education. Our goal is to see that every mother that we encounter succeeds and excels in fulfilling their dreams.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer support to adolescent mothers. We shall empower them to empower themselves by providing them with the tools, resources, and the support needed to reach their full potential, break the cycle of poverty and to live a prosperous life.

Our Vision

Our nonprofit organization shall continuously maintain a spirit of excellence in supporting adolescent mothers.  Our vision is to put into action programs that will prevent pregnancies before they occur, provide aide to those mothers who seek to elevate their lives, promote higher education, and to see that the mothers we encounter go beyond stereotypical stigmas associated with teen parents.

Our Goals

  • To offer academic scholarships to young mothers in college

  • To see every teen parent we encounter succeed

  • To expand our program to provide greater support to more young mothers in college

  • To see that young mothers have the resources they need to avoid living in poverty

  • To promote abstinence

  • To improve the quality of life amongst young parents who head households


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